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The Agawa Canyon Train tour is one of the most spectacular train tours in North America. You will travel 114 miles through the rugged northern wilderness until you reach the Agawa Canyon. There you will enjoy a 1.5 hour stop over where you can tour the canyon, hike down one of the many trails, or sit and enjoy a picnic lunch while you observe the breath-taking scenery Northern Ontario has to offer. Please press for Tour of the Line Packages, or Snow Train packages. Optional includes with your package is admission to all of the “4-Culture” Museums; the Bushplane Museum, Algoma Art Gallery, Old Stone House, and the Sault Ste. Marie Museum. For more information press “4-Culture.”

If taking the regular train on the Agawa Canyon Train Tour, our suggestion to you is to arrive at the train station the morning of your departure by 7:30 a.m. EST so that you can choose your seat on your coach.  On the regular coach of the Agawa Canyon train tour you are assigned a coach, but not a seat on that coach, so if you arrive late, you may not get your own pick of the seats!

If you make a package reservation with Catalina Motel, they will reserve your train tickets and have them at the motel generally the day before your tour.

Catalina Motel is located 2 miles from the railway. It takes around 10 minutes to drive there in the morning. You can park your vehicle at the rail depot, and the parking is free!

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299 per package